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Academic Programs

Bachelors of Arts in Geography

Texas Tech University offers a 120-hour Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a minor in geography, both of which appeal to students who have broad interests in the relationships of humans and the environment, who are curious about the world, and who like to be challenged. Geographers study how people interact with the environment and how various phenomena are distributed and move over the surface of the earth.

The B.A. degree is intended to provide students with a background in the nature of human interactions with the environment and a solid grounding in data collection and analysis techniques such as field data collection, statistical analysis, and geographic information systems                                                                                                                                                    

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Minor in Geography

Due to its broad nature, geography is a minor that complements most majors, allowing the student to delve into the geographical aspects of his or her major field of study.   

Minor in GIScience and Technology

The interdisciplinary minor in geographic information science is designed to give students a technical background in GIS and related technologies. These skills supplement a wide variety of majors in which spatial information is analyzed. The minor consists of 18 hours, with three required courses and three electives. A minimum of 9 hours must be taken from the College of Arts and Sciences. Because this program is interdisciplinary, no more than two courses from the student’s major department may becounted toward the GIS minor

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Undergraduate majors find interesting careers in the public and private sectors. Geographers work with local, state, and national government agencies and the military. In the private sector, there are increasing demands by business and industry for employees trained in field research methods, geographic information systems, statistical analysis, remote sensing, and other skills acquired by geography students. Geography majors also become teachers at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. In addition, the undergraduate program can provide a foundation for students who wish to pursue graduate study, whether in geography or some related professional field such as urban or regional planning, environmental and resource management, law, and public affairs.


Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate students who are interested in TTU Geosciences program can apply to Texas Tech University directly through the TTU Admission Office using the online Apply Texas website:

Students are also welcome to transfer into geosciences from other programs within Texas Tech University or from other institutions. 

Transfer Students

The Department of Geosciences welcomes students who transfer from other institutions.  If you plan on transferring to Texas Tech University there are a few important points to consider

  • Transfer students should apply for scholarships within the ApplyTexas application to be considered for transfer student scholarships.

  • Transfer credits are evaluated by the TTU Transfer Evaluation Office upon receipt of transcripts. However the TTU Registrar provides a transfer evaluation tool to help students plan for transferring into Texas Tech.  This is a great tool to stay on track when completing courses at another institution. 

  • Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are allowed to transfer up to 66 hours from junior colleges. 

Please contact the department advisor for more information.