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Geology and Geophysics

Graduate Students

* Ph.D. candidate

Ailiyasi Ainiwaer (Elyas)*

Improving static corrections in PS reflection datak
Advisor: Dr. Harold Gurrola

Kaitlyn Andreas

Gypsum veining in Caprock Canyons State Park
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu

Ethan Backus

The response of Monazite to contrasting metamorphic fluid compositions in natural systems
Advisor: Dr. Callum Hetherington

David Brannan

Fluvial overprinting of glacially-induced, quartz microtextures, Chitina River, Alaska
Advisor: Dr. Dustin Sweet

Jeremy Deans*

Formation and deformation of the lower oceanic crust at slow spreading ridges using borehole imaging, microtextures, geochemistry, and paleomagnetic data
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Yosinobu

Kyle Falk

Assessing the occurrence and sources of natural gases in groundwater from the Southern High Plains, West Texas
Advisor: Dr. Juske Horita

Katie Gates

A quantitative analysis of xenolith fragmentation and incorporation in magma
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu

Changjie Liu*

Global and site-specific isotope geochemistry of small organic molecules
Advisor: Dr. Juske Horita

Paul Alex Moore

Advisor: Dr. Jim Barrick

Angela Norman

Iceland's black sands: a potential analogue for Mars regolith
Advisor: Dr. Paul Sylvester

Kevin Werts

Assessing the size and conneectivity of plutons from mineral chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Cal Barnes

Heather Williams

Surface charge development at the barite-water interface in NaCl media
Advisor: Dr. Moira Ridley

Zachary Wilson

Examination and evaluation of geothermal hotspots along the Louisiana continental shelf, using corrected botthomhole temperatures
Advisor: Dr. Seiichi Nagihara